A Tree Called Happy


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Out 1st March 2024


DADDY DRWG, pronounced "Droog" (meaning Bad Daddy in Welsh), is a singer-songwriter hailing from Wales, UK. A self taught multi instrumentalist, he went on to study a Post Grad in Music Technology at The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. With a rich musical background, he's previously played in globally-touring bands and contributed to numerous albums. His solo debut, "A Tree Called Happy," showcases his diverse talents. Notably, DADDY DRWG performed all the instruments and served as the producer for the album.


I’m Your Waste Of Time

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"I'm Your Waste Of Time" is a haunting song told from the perspective of the stalker, inspired by DADDY DRWG's own experience of being stalked for two years until the stalker's arrest. The song explores the dark and unsettling emotions of obsession and intrusion, creating an eerie and chilling atmosphere that sheds light on the stalker's disturbed psyche.


"Domino" is a deceptively uplifting song featuring a catchy chorus, but beneath the surface, it tells a tale of heartache and abandonment. The chorus, "You knock me down just like a Domino," and emotionally charged lyrics like "Wave goodbye, thanks for the memory, living in my mind, gaslit and rent-free" sheds light on the complexities of post-relationship turmoil. This song serves as a follow-up to DADDY DRWG's previous single, "I'm Your Waste Of Time," possibly providing insight into the motivations behind stalking behaviour and the painful aftermath of lost love.

Previously Known As The Fool

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A song for the underdog. It’s altruistic in its message about being aware of how words or not speaking out, action or inaction can have an impact on others, intentional or otherwise. It’s about offering a hand up, a shoulder to cry on, an ear. I’m sure at one time or another we’ve all felt invisible, unheard, unappreciated or overlooked. The song looks to acknowledge this and readdress the balance. Said best in the chorus ‘We’re here to raise the fallen, to return the stolen, wipe the tears from eyes, we’re here to mend the broken, say the words unspoken, sing sweet lullabies, to you, previously known as the fool. It could’ve quite easily have just been titled ‘Don’t be a Dick!’.

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